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Pirate On The Bus makes the voyage from teenage angst to commuting pirates with a few harmonious twists and turns along the way.

Pirate On The Bus

Complications is full of songs (an amazing twenty-three) that reflect the variety of occurrences and consequences of life.


Carol’s seventh indie release, The Art of Singing While Drowning, reflects an eclectic style including rock, pop-rock, folk-rock with an edge and adult contemporary.

Carol Martini, The Art of Singing While Drowning
The Art of Singing While Drowning

Songs of the Girl on the Swing, features folk-rock with an interesting edgy vibe with tracks like ‘Loaded Gun’ and ‘Blisters on my Heart.’

Songs of the Girl on the Swing, Carol Martini
Songs of the Girl on the Swing

Carol’s release, Petals Of The Red Magnolia, combines acoustic and electric elements in an eclectic mix of songs exploring the world of moms, the sweet sides of love, swimming, skating and Halloween—just some of the topics covered on the 20 song CD.

Petals of the Red Magnolia, Carol Martini
Petals of the Red Magnolia

Carol’s first acoustic CD, The Rose In The Boxcar, is dedicated to her beloved  dad. This CD contains 18 original songs with themes ranging from the coolness of being a surfer chick to the plight of a driver stuck in freeway traffic to the life of a hobo.

The Rose in the Boxcar, Carol Martini
The Rose in the Boxcar


The Story So Far, Carl Martini
The Story So Far
Piece by Piece, Carol Martini
Piece by Piece
Modern Loneliness, Carol Martini
Modern Loneliness